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FB 2011 Oct/Nov

I went to dinner with my wife and her mother and sister and sister’s husband and two nephews.

We had Yakiniku (korean-style barbeque).

Today I bought iPhone 4s in electronics retail store.

This was my first smart phone.

I am not sure what is smart phone yet.

It must have a lot of useful functions.

I want to learn them.

Today I went to lunch with my wife and my mother and my brother and my niece.

I had pasta.

It was delicious.

Today I upload my video on Youtube for the first time.

If you are interested, please watch it.



or you can google “tatsuya  imai let it be”

I went to amusement park ” Parque Espan~a” with my wife and her parents and her siter and her husband and 2 children.

It was better than expected.


Dinner at our hotel is buffet style. There is some beef and it was delicious.

I asked where the beef come from. It was Aussie beef. I expected Matsuzaka beef.


And there was astromical observatory.

I watched moon, jupiter and Vega by 150-fold magnification.

I could watched crater of moon.

And I found out that I can see jupiter by the bare eye.

Next day we went to Ise shrine.

There was lecture class of artificial breath in my company.

We used dummy to practice.

I could send my breath to the dummy.

And I learned how to use AED (Automated external defibrillator).


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