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FB 2011年9月2日

A student came to my company 2 weeks ago for internship.

Today was  his last day.

I cared for him for 2 weeks.

He goes to more prestigious university than university I graduated from.

He was a wise and very good person.

I taught him about my company , my job, and what he had to do for 2 weeks.

And I had him explain to me his study in his university.

He showed me his power point presentation. I could understand almost everythin he doing.

But I don’t think his power point is easy to understand.

I advised him how to make the slides easier to understand.

I thought I have advanced in my company.

Now Japan is in a depression, so maybe it is difficult to find a job.

But I thought he could find a job. beecause he was excellent and cheerful and reliable and diligent.


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