C-46の英訳 (FB2011年9月26日)



I felt like listening to an old song on LP record.

When I took it out from box, I found the cassette tape.


There is you in tortuous sound.

This was recorded by you who liked mischief.

You are laughing all the time because I am speaking without noticing the recording.


Whenever I pass near it I can’t resist looking it up.

I wonder if you have looked up the memory the same as me.


We swore far into the future in short cassette tape.

I am repeating what you said.


Although I am in different place what we promised,

I always want to confirm that you are happy with someone someday somewhere.


I wonder how we got so far apart  from each other at that time.

Why we didn’t think it was a usual thing.


This is the song that I listened a lot of times with you.


Whenever I pass on near it I can’t resist looking up it.

I wonder if you have looked up the memory same as me.

I wonder how far we got apart  each other at that time.

Why we didn’t think it was usual thing.


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