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FB 2011年8月28日

Today was Sunday. So , I didn’t have to go to work.

But I will have to go to work from tomorrow.

So, Saturday is better than Sunday.

My heart was heavy a little.

I talked with my friend in Austraila by skype.

He is interested in Japan. He is studing Japanese.

And I want to learn English.

So, we taught each other the languages.

He is really good guy.

He is very kind.

He teaches me English.

He corrected my mistakes in my diary Facebook.

I have to teach him like him.

I thought teaching Japanese teachs me Japanese more

I noticed a lot of things in Japanese.

Then, I drove to my mother’s home to have lunch.

My brother and his daughter came, too.

We had Somen and Yakitori.

After that  I went to gym to swim.

I swam for about an hour.

Then I went to my mother’s home again to have dinner (LOL).

There were my brother and his wife and my niece.

I taught my niece who is 4 yeard old A,B C….Z.

I especially taught X and X jump.

There is what X jump is.


We did X jump together.

Then I went back my apartment.

I have to go work tomorrw.

I will go to bed soon.

Good night.


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