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Life Shift / The Times They Are a-Changin’ (FB 2018年5月14日)

Human lifetime still continues to become longer and longer. Some say it will be 100 years or more. There was a time when we could live with only one occupation or one success. But if human lifetime change to more than 100 years, probably we will not be able to survive with only one job. In the present age, There are many changes and they are very fasmt. It is said that AI will develop rapidly and lead to change human life style. It will maybe make bigger difference than industrial revolution in Past UK. That’s why my mind is changing to no need to stick to one job or company.
Lifetime employment has been adopted many times in Japan so far, and continuing job has been considered good. That trend still remain in Japan strongly and deeply. I think many Japanese prefer people that keep doing one thing than people do many things. I think the former people are easier to understand.
But The times They are a-changin’, I want to change myself also.
This is also practice English for me. please correct my English mistakes.


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