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FB 2011年8月27日

Today is Saturday. I didn’t have to go to work.It was very good for me.

I had nothing special to do.

I washed my and my wife’s clothes and towels.

I cleaned my room. Although my room is still in a mess, it is now much better than before.

I went to karaoke by myself.

Many people cannot go to karaoke by themselves.

But I don’t mind at all.

I sang Japanese songs and English songs.

I sang Red hot chili peppers songs and Aerosmith’s song.

Red hot chili peppers songs are not high tone. So I like singing their songs.

But Aerosmith’s song is very high note.

I sang ” I don’t want to miss a thing” with imaging someone in my heart.

I couldn’t sing well. I want to sing better.

Then I went to book store.

There were a lot of kinds of books.

I thought I should study more about everything.

I bought two books for learning English.

Then I went to grocery store to get some food for dinner.

I cooked yakisoba (japanese pan-fried noodles.)

I had dinner with my wife.

There was a fireworks display.

We could see it from my apartment.

We had dinner while watching fireworks


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